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RAAFA Connect, going above and beyond

RAAFA Connect, going above and beyond

RAAFA Connect, going above and beyond

Did you know that RAAFA has an arm that enables seniors to gain support to live in their own homes independently?

RAAFA Connect can help individuals with a range of support services, including domestic assistance, social support, in-home respite and personal care funded through various government subsidises, including the Department of Veterans Affairs for eligible DVA card holders.

Lorraine Sloan, Nurse Manager at RAAFA Connect, says the service prides itself on its consistency of staff, ensuring that clients have the same support worker regularly delivering their services.

“Unless one of our staff is off as a result of sickness, or due to holiday, we ensure that the same staff members delivers services to our clients, something that is different to many other organisations,” says Lorraine, who has worked for RAAFA for over 14 years.

“We also understand that our clients have their own lives to lead and can’t wait in all morning or afternoon for a service, so we will always provide a time that suits them so they know when we will arrive. For example, if we say around 10.30am, it will be that time, give or take 10 minutes or so. We aren’t one of those providers that say they will be there within a three to four hour timeframe.”

RAAFA Connect delivers brokerage services for individuals in receipt of a home care package or Commonwealth Home Care Support Program.

“This means we can do personal care, social support such as taking people shopping and two appointments, as well as domestic assistance,” Lorraine explains.

“And for anyone who wants to directly access our services through a private arrangement, we discount our rates for any residents living on RAAFA estates.

“This is particularly useful for people who are waiting for subsidised services, which can be a lengthy process.

“Our aim is to provide seniors with the support they need in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, whilst optimising independence and helping people to live full and enriched lives.”

AFME resident Roma Barnett has been receiving RAAFA Connect services for just over three years, which she says she’s delighted with.

“I have a few health issues and RAAFA Connect services keep me on my feet and out of hospital,” she said.

“Amanda comes every Thursday and she is hard-working, intelligent and loves music just like me. She vacuums my unit and then we often do the dishes together if I can manage to help, then she dusts. She is just wonderful and really helps to keep me living at home independently.”

For more information, RAAFA Connect can be contacted on 9288 8470 or via

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