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Navigating The DVA Process

Our advocacy service assists veterans to navigate the DVA process and access their Australian Defence Force disability and wellbeing entitlements.

Although generous, the DVA system can be complex and can leave individuals perplexed as to their entitlements and how to access. Our volunteer team walk beside veterans and their families through the process to provide the greatest chance of success. If you are a veteran or have a family member who is a veteran and are having difficulty navigating the Australian Defence Force disability and wellbeing entitlement system, contact our volunteer team.

Reach Out to One of Our Advocate Volunteers via


Easing Your Transition

Providing a social network to reduce isolation and loneliness as you navigate a new life outside of the defence force.

Our aim is that, by creating a social network of people around separating members as they exit, we can support them to have a successful transition into their new life. Whilst the overwhelming majority of exiting Australian Defence Force (ADF) members successfully transition into civilian life, some face unique obstacles as a veteran that require a specific response. We are currently training volunteer members to become transition mates to provide the support and assistance needed to live a meaningful life.

This program will be available early 2024.


RAAFA's Andrew Russell Veteran Living (ARVL) Program

On 16 February 2022, RAAFA launched the Andrew Russell Veteran's Living (ARVL) program in Western Australia, based on an established program in South Australia. RAAFA aims to provide purpose-built accommodation to house veterans in Perth who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness.

Our Mission

  • To reduce the number of veterans who are currently experiencing homelessness in WA.
  • Provide emergency accommodation to veterans that are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness.
  • To assist veterans with access to established government and NGO services to support independence and wellbeing.

RAAFA is currently in Phase 3 of the project ‘Fundraising for Construction'. Funding is now being sought through a number of revenue streams and you can be part of the solution by donating.

RAAFA's ARVL emergency accommodation will consist of 16 units in the suburb of Cannington, designed to provide temporary accommodation for veterans who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or in need of transit accommodation. The program will operate using an adapted housing-first solution with the primary goal focusing on housing pathways to assist veterans in securing permanent housing.

A simple and powerful way to make a big difference.

Donate to RAAFA's Andrew Russell Veteran Living (ARVL) program


Who was Andrew Russell?

Sergeant Andrew Russell was a South Australian born Special Air Service (SAS) soldier who was killed in Afghanistan in February 2002. 33-year-old SGT Russell was from the Perth-based SAS Regiment and, tragically, lost his life after the long-range patrol vehicle he was travelling in, struck a suspected anti-vehicle mine. SGT Russell's passing was the first Australian military death in action since the Vietnam War.

SGT Andrew Russell was husband to Kylie, father to Leisa, and a proud Australian Defence Force (ADF) member who served from November 1986 until February 2002. The RAAFA ARVL program is named in his honour. The launch in 2022 marked 20 years since SGT Russell's passing.

"Andrew lived his life to the full and passionately loved his job" - Biography of Sergeant Russell


RAAFA Care Fund

Supporting Defence Force members and their families in times of need through the RAAFA Care Fund.

Working closely with the RAAF Chaplain, the program generously provides funding for positive experiences for Defence Force members or their families who are struggling in some way. A relatively new endeavour that has already had a tangible impact on a number of families.



Each year commemorations are held across Australia to honour and remember the bravery of those who served in the defence of our country. Australians come together at these times to acknowledge our heroes, both fallen and serving, and remember their sacrifice. RAAFA holds events across our locations to help future generations understand the significant role Australians have played in historic events.

ANZAC Day marks the landing of Australian and New Zealand troops in Gallipoli, Turkey on 25 April 1915. It is estimated that 8,700 Australians and 2,700 New Zealanders lost their lives in the battle, which lasted almost eight months. Each year on 25 April, RAAFA holds ceremonies to pay respect to the ANZAC soldiers and remember this important event in our history.

Battle for Australia
The Battle for Australia was a series of battles involving Australian soldiers who served in defence of the Australian mainland, and in subsequent land, air and sea battles in the Coral Sea, Papua, and New Guinea. On the first Wednesday of every September, RAAFA holds commemorations to honour the sacrifice of those who served to protect Australia and contributed to ending WWII.

Bomber Command
During WWII, around 10,000 Australians served as part of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Bomber Command. The RAF Bomber Command suffered heavy losses from the many bombing missions over enemy territory, which included more than 3,500 Australian aircrew. RAAFA pays tribute to the heroes who served in Bomber Command, one of Australia's most costly campaigns of WWII.

Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day marks the end of WWI on 11 November 1918. Originally called “Armistice Day,” the tradition is observed every year to reflect on the hostilities of the war. RAAFA holds events each year to mark this significant moment in history and remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives in defending their country. Lest we forget.

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