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Support services key to remaining at home

Support services key to remaining at home

Octogenarians and Cambrai Village residents Fay and Terry Wall have lived at the popular estate for over 12 years, and that's where they want to stay into the future.

The couple receive services from RAAFA Connect - the in-home support division of RAAFA - every week, which includes three hours of respite care every Friday for Terry, and fortnightly domestic assistance which gives the couple a helping hand with cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, and mopping floors.

"All of the RAAFA Connect staff have been very helpful and kind, and I particularly appreciate gaining some time for myself every Friday while Terry is taken out by a carer, it's really good for both of us," says Fay, who has been married to her 'other half' for 63 years.

"Like so many of us, Terry has his fair share of aches and pains and his legs don't like to work so well anymore, I put it down to all the jiving we did in the 50s and 60s, and perhaps those 100-mile hikes he did when he was in the army."

For those who may not be familiar with the service, RAAFA specialises in quality care for individuals with Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and Veterans Home Care (VHC) eligibility, as well as private services, home care packages and Commonwealth home support.

In other words, RAAFA's personalised in-home care service has been designed to support people like Terry and Fay to live a healthy, safe and independent life while remaining in the comfort of their own home.

"Terry has had half a dozen or so careers over the years, including nine years in the army where we lived overseas, 16 years on a farm, and he also had his own building business for years where he specialised in renovations," explains 82-year-old Fay.

"At the same time, I found myself working in tourism when my three children got a bit older, initially working in a country tourist bureau and then as a senior travel consultant, a job that I loved and didn't retire from until I was 76.

"As a result we've been very lucky and have travelled a great deal, we have many good memories and feel grateful that we're still around for our 14 great-grandchildren, with the possibility of more on the way.

"Our life at Cambrai is still full, and we are grateful to the RAAFA Connect team for giving us that extra bit of support to remain living independently, in our own home."

Whether it's in home respite care to provide a break for someone who is caring for a loved one, assistance with getting out and about with things like shopping or going to appointments, maintaining social connections by going out for lunch or a coffee, RAAFA Connect can help.

The organisation also provides services to help people at home, including showering, medication management, cooking meals, doing laundry, cleaning and generally whatever might be needed.

And in case you're wondering, services are available from Orelia to Falcon in the south, Joondalup to Alkimos in the north and also to the east in Bull Creek and the surrounding suburbs.

To find out more information about what's on offer, how to receive Government funded services, or how the team can tailor something to best support you, please contact our friendly staff on (08) 9288 8470 or

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