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Smiles All Round

Smiles All Round

“Meadows Springs Estate has a lovely feel to it, even as soon as you drive through the gates,” said Enid Webb, who recently moved on to the estate with her husband Peter Aschenbrenner.

“I had visited the estate several times before venturing to mention to my husband that I thought it had a lovely feel, particularly because everyone I passed from the time I entered the gate seemed to smile and spontaneously said hello.”

Enid explains that before returning to WA several years ago, she and her husband lived in an over 55’s village in Queensland, although they never really enjoyed it.

“Before we entered it, we signed an agreement and studied the ‘rules of the establishment’, and we anticipated that the management of the village would do the same, but that proved not to be the case. So after giving what we felt was a good shot, we left and came to WA with no intention of ever entering another village, let alone retiring in one. Instead we settled into a quiet street in Erskine, set up a big garden and made ourselves very comfortable.”

Enid explains that, as fate would have it, she was invited to join a sewing group at Meadow Springs, and right from the time she entered the estate, she felt it had a good feel, noticing how friendly everyone was and always ready to smile.

“So I mentioned it to my husband Peter, and although he wasn’t initially interested, we went and visited the estate and were shown through one of the resident’s homes, who spoke very highly of the village and the way the place was run.

“It looked so tidy and cared for, and when Peter - who has an interest in toy making – saw the men’s shed, he was hooked.

“At the same time, we were losing interest in our large garden, so we decided to put our house on the market, and surprisingly it sold in six days, so we had to make up our minds quickly.

“We came to have another look around and decided we liked one of the homes, so we asked all of our questions and came to the conclusion that yes, we would make the move.”

Enid explains that the Meadow Springs staff were incredibly helpful in making sure everything ran smoothly.

“They were incredibly helpful, welcoming and obliging, and have been so ever since. Nothing has been too much trouble, and although we had a small problem with our home after arriving, we were immediately offered a key to a motel unit until it was fixed.

“We recommend this estate to anyone, it is friendly and helpful, the residents we’ve met have all made an effort to make us feel welcome and offer advice, and they’ve even offered personal pieces to help us settle.

“We are so pleased that we made the move and look forward to many years of contentment and to continuing to receive those lovely smiles from the many happy residents at Meadow Springs.”

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