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Pull of community triggers move

Pull of community triggers move

Pull of community triggers move

One of the biggest reasons that prompted Eddie and Lynette Eaton to move from their home in Alkimos to RAAFA’s Merriwa Estate was to gain a greater sense of community.

The couple, who moved into the estate at the end of March, said a combination of being familiar with the estate and already having friends as a result of their ties at the bowling club, and never really seeing their neighbours out and about in their previous street led to their decision to move.

“We were happy in our home at Alkimos which was on a manageable cottage block with a lovely garden, but we didn’t feel a great sense of community as our neighbours worked full time and we never really saw anyone,” explains Lyn.

“Although we did look at several different estates, we were familiar with Merriwa because Eddie has been playing bowls here for a long time, and we really liked the people, the layout of the estate and also always enjoyed the atmosphere whenever we visited.”

Since moving in, Lyn has become a volunteer driver for the Mustang and Eddie has become one of the regular vollies helping to maintain the bowling greens.

“We really like that you can be as immersed in the community as you like,” adds Lyn. “Whenever you go for a walk, you tend to meet people and have a chat, but equally people don’t pressure you to join in or get involved if you’d rather not and that’s really nice.”

At 70 and 73 years old respectively, Lyn and Eddie are relatively young arrivals on the estate - something that is often suggested by current residents to give newcomers the chance to immerse themselves in the community and make full use of the amenities.

“It is a big step to take and I’d encourage people to visit the estate a few times and get a real feel for it before they make any decision, as it’s important to be sure and to feel comfortable,” advises Lyn.

“Having said that, we found the staff were great in terms of guiding us through all the paperwork, Karen went through everything very carefully and was very reassuring, which made the whole process so much easier.

“That also goes for our bowling club friends, they have all been very supportive and were very helpful in offering us lots of tips and hints for our big move.”

Welcome to Merriwa Eddie and Lyn!

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