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Moment in time captured

Moment in time captured

Moments in time captured

Memories will be triggered, as will trips down memory lane, as a result of the art installation that has just been installed in the new RAAFA Club at Bull Creek.

The impressive 1.7m high by 4.7m long installation is a collection of 84 images, printed onto individual metal plates in a green/grey colour palette that draws inspiration from aviation design elements and embodies the RAAF.

Artist Mark Datodi says the artwork is very RAAFA-specific and represents the history of the Bull Creek estate.

“It’s been a fantastic project to work on over the last eight months or so,” says Mark, who is himself an aviation enthusiast and grew up with a passion for model aeroplanes.

“Most of the images have come from the museum archives they are moments captured in time and are extremely nostalgic. They really are very fitting to be at the threshold of the entry into the new club.”

Ian Craig, Head of Clear Skies, explains the photos were chosen as a result of a great deal of consultation to establish which images would best reflect RAAFA’s rich history and heritage.

“The process involved a committee being set up at the museum and Mark searching the library archives with the assistance of volunteers and also Trevor Fettis who heads up the museum, as well as SQNLDR (retired) Paul Falconer-West,” says Ian.

“Following that the shortlisted photos were reviewed and finalised by a team we’d put together at AFME.

“The images really do reflect our amazing history and incredible heritage. We felt it was really important that we honour and record who we are, our DNA if you like, and to showcase the legacy of those who made RAAFA what it is today.

“On top of that, the artwork really does complement the club’s beautiful decor. I think it’s fair to say that everyone who has been involved in the consultation of the artwork loves it, and we very much hope our broader RAAFA community does too.”


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