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Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

They say the best friendships are based on a solid foundation of sarcasm, laughter, alcohol and the ability to come together to put the world to rights.

And that pretty much sums up the friendship between Meadow Springs residents Bill Bovington, Allan Warren and David Biddlecombe.

The jovial trio catch up to go fishing under the bridge in Mandurah every Monday, weather permitting. And the word on the street is that they also meet to discuss fishing on a Tuesday, though rumour has it their official ‘Fishing Club Meeting’ is actually an excuse to enjoy happy hour.

And at various times during the month, the chaps will catch up for lunch or another social occasion with their wives in tow, who are also good friends.

“We bounce off each other and really enjoy having a laugh, talking about sport and of course fishing, that’s if we caught anything,” says Allan, who explains the group was first started by a previous resident, the late John Griffiths, who he would catch up with on a Tuesday for a pint.

“Then Bill and David joined in, and we decided we’d be fair weather fishermen, so we go and have a fish regularly down in Mandurah, but only when the weather’s good as none of us like the cold.”

Serendipitously Bill and David grew up only a couple of miles away from each other in south London during the 1950s, though they never crossed paths when they were young.

“When we got chatting it came up in conversation that we were from the same part of London,” says Bill.  “It’s unbelievable to think that we met on the other side of the world and now we’re great friends as well as neighbours. It’s certainly a small world.

“From my perspective it means a lot having such good friends, I had mates when I was young, but then when the kids came along in my 20s, I don’t think I ever made a new friend. So it’s a new experience for me really and I feel quite blessed to have found this little group of guys. We just seem to fit and have the same silly sense of humour, plus we love a drink or two.”

David echoes these sentiments and says it’s been great to have found some friends who have the same interests and a similar sense of humour.

“I wouldn’t say our group is particularly exclusive, in fact we often welcome other blokes to have a yak and a drink with us, and we welcome anyone to join us fishing too, though we prefer it if you have a boat,” laughs David.

International Day of Friendship is commemorated every year on Friday 30 July, and we’re sure this good spirited trio will have a pint - and a laugh - to celebrate the occasion.

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