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Feeling Safe And Secure

Feeling Safe And Secure

Security was one of the major motivating factors for Mavis and Jack Nicholson when they moved into Cambrai Village as one of the first wave of residents on 7 February 2000.

“We were thinking of moving into a village, and then went away on holiday and during that time we were burgled which was obviously an awful experience,” explains Mavis.

“That made us want to move somewhere where we could feel more secure and we brought forward our plans and were very pleased to get a home at Cambrai Village.”

Not only is 24-hour security a big plus for the Nicholson’s, they also love the estate’s gardens, their neighbours and friends at the village, and the fact that everyone keeps an eye out for each other.

“Last night there was a terrible storm and all the bins blew over, but the next morning they were all picked up, where else would you get that?” asks Mavis. “And at the same time, if anything goes wrong in your house, someone is here like a shot to fix it.

“On top of that, everything you really need is here, we have a doctor, a physio, even a welfare officer who is extremely helpful.

“I have friends currently thinking about moving into a retirement village at the moment, and my advice is always to compare where they are considering with Cambrai… I always say I don’t think anyone else would take care of you as well as RAAFA does.”

Mavis also makes the point that one of the first comments that visitors make when they enter the estate is how beautiful the gardens are.

“We frequently get taxis and many of the drivers comment on the beautiful roses as well as all of the green open space we have,” Mavis adds.

“We really want for nothing here, we love it and are very happy.”

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