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Albany’s Amity is just the best

Albany’s Amity is just the best

MAlbany's Amity is just the best

“We moved into Amity Village Albany during October 2020, and the day we arrived one of the residents welcomed us with a huge bouquet of flowers, which just summed up how welcoming and friendly the place is,” says one of its newer residents, Allan Banks.

“Everyone is lovely and just so helpful, especially in the office,” adds Wendy. “If you have a problem, or need any maintenance or anything like that, you just go down to the office and it’s all dealt with very quickly which is just wonderful.”

After living in Collie all their lives, Wendy and Allan made the decision to move down to Albany to be with their children.

“Basically, our son drove around all of the villages in Albany for us and he reported back that the one with the nicest feel was Amity Village, and when we visited ourselves we agreed that it was lovely,” explains 89-year-old Allan.

“We managed to sell our house in Collie, and Cheryl in the office helped us out with all the paperwork, which wasn’t hard, and all in all everything went through very easily,” adds Wendy.

“Our two-bedroom unit is just perfect for us. Our family is close by so we don’t really need a spare room, and we’ve converted the second bedroom into an office, it really suits us down to the ground.”

Since moving in at the end of last year, the couple have enjoyed getting involved with weekly activities, including playing pool, going to craft workshops and enjoying the happy hour every Friday evening.

“We are all different and you can be as involved in village life as you want to be, but there’s certainly plenty to do, including a lovely library that I have really been enjoying,” adds Wendy.

“It’s also really lovely to see people walking or taking their gophers around the village during the evenings, gathering more people as they walk around getting a bit of fresh air and exercise. Amity is such a friendly, inclusive and welcoming village, we are so happy to be here.”


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